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What Is Responsive Web Design?

Nimesh Patel - Sunday, March 04, 2012

Responsive web design is a new leading edge technology that blends CSS, CSS3 and JavaScript to create fluid site designs that actually expand, contract, rearrange or even remove content based upon the user's screen resolution/size. Traditionally you would need to develop multiple versions of your site in order to have your site render correctly on various emerging devices…  

Today however, instead of developing different sites for different devices & resolutions, it is now possible to develop one site with one set of pages that automatically detects the end users screen size to display optimally on everything from a 32-inch desktop monitor to a three and a half-inch Smartphone display. The usability benefits are obvious: Customers can interact with a site regardless of the device they're using instead of having to choose between viewing the whole page illegibly or one small part of it that's disorienting. Where usability improves, decrease bounce rates and increased conversions are usually not far behind.

True, there are cases where the function and content of the mobile site needs to be different than the desktop site. Responsive design can handle those instances also via CSS by removing or reducing the visibility of content that's less relevant to mobile users. In some cases only a mobile app will really meet the needs of mobile users

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